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About the Author and the contributors :


Sandra Wise ARAD danced and taught ballet in Australia and overseas.

Experiences during this time led to the desire to write children’s books with a dance theme.

Nina and a Surprise Ballerina and Nina Rose and her Dancing Prince follow her first popular book Nina Rose’s Toes.


Illustrator (Nina Rose’s Toes):

Lina Linton’s professional art career of some 25 years includes regularly exhibiting in Perth and the southwest, lecturing for Tafe, community and private groups, curating art exhibitions, book illustration and invited judge for award exhibitions.

Illustrator (Nina Rose and her Dancing Prince):

Julie Parsons BA is a designer for performance, a practising visual artist and a former Spanish dancer who has worked on the design for many successful productions including Transformations, performed by people with Down syndrome. She is currently engaged in an MA and lecturing at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Illustrator (Nina and the Surprise Ballerina):

Kate A. Manser - I have always been very interested in drawing and from a very young age would often be found drawing over playing with my friends. I followed in my mother, Janet Archibald and father Eric Car’s profession, making jewellery. My drawing skills however have constantly been of great use as I apply them daily, demonstrating to my clients how the finished product will look.

I have lived the majority of my life in Australia completing my studies in my late teens in U.K. then returning to Perth where I have been ensconced in motherhood for the past five years and working on my jewellery and the illustrations for “Nina and a Surprise Ballerina.” This is where the model for the book comes in. I was very lucky that my daughter was the perfect age and very accommodating when it came to posing for shots. The only catch was the book took approximately two years to complete and my model kept growing. The final scene in the book was developed from a family holiday taken earlier in the year to Chamonix, France. I couldn’t resist relaying the fantastic memories of the snow covered mountains, thus helping complete the magical sled flying through the air.

I hope you enjoy the illustrations as much as I did drawing them.

Kate A.Manser Email:

Graphic Designer (Nina Rose and her Dancing Prince):

Kandi Terrar BA of Indelible Imprint is a designer and copy writer for small to medium-sized enterprises, specialising in publishing and corporate ID creation.


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